Faculty Details


Full-Time Lecturer 


Undergraduate studies (BSc in Mathematics and  Statistics, 2011) and postgraduate studies (M.A. in Didactics and  Methodology of Mathematics, 2013) at the University of Cyprus. When  studying for her Master’s degree, Ms Andreou specialised in specific  techniques and pedagogical methodologies relating to the instruction of  students for the purpose of acquiring comprehensive mathematical  knowledge. Employment record includes delivering private lessons in  Mathematics to students of different educational levels (2011-2014), as  well as teaching Mathematics at lyceums in Larnaca as part of the  Supporting Lessons in Mathematics programme of the Ministry of Education  (2011-2014).  Employed as a full-time Lecturer in Mathematics at P.A.  College since September 2015.


06/2013 – University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus 

Master of Arts (M.A.) –Didactics And Methodology of Mathematics

06/2011 – University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus 

Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.) –Mathematics And Statistics 


Research interests include the development of  innovative methods regarding the development of students’ mathematical  skills in higher education. 


Calculus, Statistics, Quantitative Methods, Discrete Mathematics. 


  • Andreou, L. [Forthcoming in December 2017].  The contribution of  technology for evolving mathematical skills in Higher Education. Special Issue of the Cyprus International Journal of Management, Vol. 19. 



Assistant Professor


Undergraduate studies at Indiana University of  Pennsylvania, USA (BSc (Summa Cum Laude) in General Management; minor in  Economics, 2000). Member of the Honorary Society Phi Kappa Phi.  Postgraduate studies at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA  (MBA, Business Administration and Marketing, 2003). Employment record  includes: a Business Consulting position with Small Business Institute  in Indiana, PA (September-December 2002); an Executive Sales Assistant’s  position with MANA products, a leading cosmetics manufacturer in New  York (February 2001-February 2002); a Marketing internship with the  Eberly College of Business at Indiana University of Pennsylvania  (January-May 2003); a Marketing Coordinator’s position with Quintech  Electronics in Pennsylvania (August 2003-July 2005) and a Student  Affairs Director’s position with a Tertiary Education Institution in  Cyprus (October 2005-August 2007). Employed as a full-time Marketing  lecturer at P.A. College since October 2007 and as an Assistant  Professor since October 2016. Has taught International Marketing at  Paris Graduate School of Management, ESG Business School Unit, through  the Erasmus Teaching Mobility Program. Research work and publications on  restaurant servicescape and its impact on customer behavioural  intentions and satisfaction in the Cyprus International Journal of  Management.

Constantinou, M. 2010.The impacting role of servicescape. Cyprus International Journal of Management 15 (1): 71-97.

Constantinou, M. 2013. Restaurant servicescape impacts on customer behavioural intentions and satisfaction: the Cyprus case. Cyprus International Journal of Management. 18 (1): 57-75.

Research interests also include services marketing,  fashion marketing and branding strategies. Has acted as a manuscript  reviewer for the Journal of Hospitality Marketing and Management and the  Journal of Marketing Intelligence and Planning. Also, a member of the  American Marketing Association.

Subject area: Marketing 





Studies / Qualifications / Employment

Undergraduate Studies

B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University, U.S.A., 1989

Postgraduate Studies

Master in Business Administration, Western Illinois University, U.S.A., 1991

Additional qualifications include studies at Aachen Institute of Technology, West Germany (Language Diploma).

Employed as Teaching Instructor at Western Illinois  University (1990-1991) and as Full-time Lecturer at P.A. College,  Larnaca since 1992. Has been appointed as the Director of Programme of  Studies of the Business Administration Department since 1993, Assistant  Professor from 2004 to 2011, Associate Professor from 2012 to 2014 and  professor since 2015.

Reviewer / Editorial Boards 

Cyprus International Journal of Management (CIJM) 

Research Programmes (Internal/External) 

  • Research Project Supervisor/Coordinator, The Role of Corporate Governance in Cypriot Public Limited Companies, December 2012 – May 2013. The project has being conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus, the main beneficiary of the research main findings and outcomes. The project covered a wide variety of corporate actions, such as dividend policies, and their effects on the firm and the value of the firm in specific.

  • Research Project Coordinator, The Role and Implications of Financial Markets on the Growth and Development of the Cyprus National Economy, Research Proposal Submitted to the Research Promotion Foundation, March 2004. The project proposal was developed in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University, Cyprus College, the Ministry of Finance and the Cyprus Stock Exchange. The main aim of the project was to determine the relationship between the development of the financial system in Cyprus and economic growth in the country.

  • Project Supervisor / Coordinator, The Effect of Corporate Actions on the Value of Firms Listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange, Research Project Undertaken in Collaboration with Suphire Ltd, June 2002. This project was conducted in cooperation with Suphire Ltd, the main beneficiary of the research main findings and outcomes. The project covered a wide variety of corporate actions, such as dividend policies, and their effects on the firm and the value of the firm in specific.

Journal Publications

  • Loizou Filippos (2014), “Investment Decision Processes in SMEs and Financial Performance”, Working Paper.
  • Loizou Filippos (Autumn 2002). Examining the Profitability of Technical Analysis Systems on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, Cyprus International Journal of Management, Volume 7,       Number 1.
  • Loizou Filippos (Autumn 2001). Determinants of Cost of Capital and Optimal Capital Structure: Implications on Cypriot PLCs, Cyprus International Journal of Management, Volume 6, Number 1.
  • Loizou Filippos (Autumn 1999). The Role and Importance of  Hedging Transaction on Economic Exposure for the Cypriot Importing,  Exporting and International Investment Firms, Cyprus International Journal of Management, Volume 4, Number 1. 
  • Clements Mike, Loizou Filippos, Vasiliou Melina (Spring 1998). Retail Banking in Cyprus: Pressures on the Branch Network, Cyprus International Journal of Management, Volume 3, Number 1. 

Conference Publications/Presentations

  • Loizou, Filippos (2005). Investment Decision Processes in SMEs, Conference Paper, 28th National Conference of the Institute for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship, Blackpool, UK. 

Professional Research Presentations

  • The Economic Positioning of Larnaca, Presented to the Council of the  Municipality of Larnaca in collaboration with Dr. Constantinos  Charalambous, September 2013.
  • Cyprus Association of Certified Accountants (SELK), Corporate  governance in public limited companies in Cyprus. Presented August 2012.
  • The Developing Infrastructure in the Town of Larnaca, Presented to the Council of the Municipality of Larnaca, September 2011. 


Ms. Loukia Sergiou

Associate Professor in Accounting 


Ms Loukia Sergiou is an Associate Professor of  Accounting at P.A. College and has been employed at P.A. College since  2001.  She holds an MSc in Accounting and Finance from the University of  Manchester and UMIST and a BA (Hons) from City University, UK. Her  thesis was published in 2002 with the title “The impact of taxation on  the small business economy: A comparative analysis of the UK and Cyprus  tax systems”. Before her academic career, Loukia worked as an  accountant/ auditor in Deloitte Cyprus.  She is an academic member of  the Association of International Accountants (AIA) and the Institute of  Management Accountants (IMA).  Additionally, she is a member of the ACCA  teach and finance professionals, Accountancy Age, the American Taxation  Association, Accounting Educator’s Journal and Journal of Accounting  and Management. She is collaborating with academics from the department  of Accounting and Finance at the Manchester Business School. 


09/1999- University of Manchester and UMIST (joint degree)-UK

Master of Sciences (MSc) –Accounting and Finance

Dissertation:The impact of  taxation on the small business economy: A comparative analysis of the UK and Cyprus tax systems’.

06/1998 – City University-UK

Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) –Accounting and Finance 


Research interests include educational psychology,  TQM and Quality Assurance in teaching, Conceptual frameworks, VAT fraud,  tax harmonisation and taxation impact on SME’s, CSR and innovation.



Associate Professor 


Undergraduate studies at Michigan State University,  Lansing, Michigan, USA (B.A. (Honours) Hotel, Restaurant, Institutional  Management, Honours College, 1985), postgraduate studies at  Staffordshire University, UK (M.Phil., 1997). Additional qualifications  include studies at the Hotel and Catering Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus  (Front Office Operations Certificate), National Institute of Foodservice  Industry, USA (Applied Foodservice Sanitation Certificate). 


Employed in the hotel industry until 1989 when  recruited as Full-time Lecturer at P.A. College; currently teaching  management and business environment modules. Appointed as Course  Coordinator since 1992; Senior Lecturer since January 2001; Assistant  Professor since 2004; Associate Professor since 2014.


During 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 presented a  series of seminars to faculty and other members of staff at P.A. College  as part of the staff training programme of the College sponsored by  HRDA. Has published a number of research articles in the Cyprus  International Journal of Management and “Tourism Chronicles”. Member of  the Editorial Board for the Cyprus International Journal of Management (1996-2017). Research interests include aspects of management and  operations in organisations. Journal article reviewer/editor for the  Economics and Management Journal of the West Pomeranian University,  Poland. 


  • 1982: Awarded full scholarship by the Cyprus American Scholarship  Programme (CASP) to attend undergraduate studies at Michigan State  University.
  • 1982-1985: Honoured by the University for outstanding academic  performance being included in the Dean’s List almost every semester.
  • 1983: Invited to join the Honours College of Michigan State  University, completed the requirements and in 1985 graduated in parallel  from the Business School and the Honours College.