Online Teaching

The management of P.A. College, based on the measures announced by the Government of Cyprus for the prevention and treatment of the Coronavirus pandemic, and with its primary concern being the health of the College’s students and staff, as well as of the society in general, has suspended the attendance of  students in all in-class activities and as well as the  presence of students and its academic staff at the College's premises between March 16th and April 10th 2020.  The management would also like to emphasise that in no case will the College sacrifice or risk the diligent provision of reliable and quality education to its students.

Therefore, P.A. College, with state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, digital learning tools and innovative technologies at its disposal, as well as with the excellent training and know-how of its academic and administrative staff on issues related to online/distance education (synchronous education) and learning management systems (asynchronous education) has already successfully implemented distance learning for the entire courses spectrum of the current spring semester.  It is worth mentioning that the College will continue its operation with administrative staff at its premises providing remote administrative and support services to its students.

Furthermore, P.A. College would like to explicitly reassure its students that their health as well as their academic and career prospects remain the primary concern of the Institution. The management of P.A. College would like to wish everyone to keep safe and well and recommend patience and optimism during this difficult, pandemic period.