Incoming Student Mobility

P.A. College is very pleased to  welcome all international students that wish to spend a semester or two  in Cyprus under the Erasmus Programme.  We can assure you that you will  immediately feel the Cypriot hospitality and part of P.A. College  family. 


If your choice is P.A. College then we  will be very happy to welcome you here and help you make your stay as  pleasant as possible.  Please have a look at the information provided  below.  For further assistance contact the Erasmus Office using the  contact details provided on our website.


Method of Teaching:

Lectures at P.A. College are delivered  through a combination of lectures, tutorials with small groups of  students, individual tuition and supervised practical workshop sessions.


Language of Teaching:

The official language of teaching for all programmes is English.


Available Modules:

Students can have a look at the analytical structure of the programmes, available in the list of Useful Documents below.  Please take into account that modules in the option lists are  NOT offered every semester as the offer of each module depends on the  student demand.  Core modules are standard and they are offered either  in the fall semester or in the spring semester.  For further information  and the updated list of modules for every semester students are to  contact the Erasmus Coordinator.


Application Forms:

All forms must be completed and sent  to the Erasmus Coordinator by post or by e-mail before the deadline  stated below.  Also, forms must be approved by the student’s Institution  prior to sending them to P.A. College.  All applications can be found  at the Useful Documents section. Please remember that with your  application form you must also send us completed your Learning  Agreement, a Transcript of Records, a copy of your passport / ID and one  photograph.


*We expect students to use the Online Version of the Learning agreement created though the platform and using Google account credentials. If your university does not yet use the online version of the learning agreement, please use the learning agreement form (provided in the useful documents below) or the one provided to you by your home Institution.


Nomination Deadlines: Spring Semester 2022: 12 October 2021

                                        Fall Semester 2022: 30 May 2022 

Application Deadlines: Spring Semester 2022: 30 November 2021

                                        Fall Semester 2022: 30 June 2022

Useful Documents:

1. Analytical Structure of Programmes - PDF

2. Erasmus Student Application Form - PDF

3. Learning Agreement - PDF

4. List of Subjects Offered-Spring 2022 - PDF