General Information for Students

Cost of Living

The Average cost of living in Larnaca, excluding accommodation and utilities, ranges from €450 - €650 per month. 



Students can visit the accommodation office in order  to find a suitable and convenient accommodation. Since there is no on-campus accommodation, the college is in constant contact with private flat owners and can provide guidelines and useful information to all  interested students. It can also help students in finding roommates. Prices for accommodation range from €180 - €500. 



Anastasia Yiannakou

Student Affairs Office

Tel.: +357 24021554

Fax: +357 24828860



The College has a Cafeteria on the top floor which is ideal for dining, entertainment and recreation. The Cafeteria provides meals as well as snacks such as sandwiches, desserts, fruit and drinks. Since the College is located near the downtown area of Larnaka, there are also other dining options that are within walking  distance from the College.


Medical Facilities

The College maintains a First Aid room with all necessary first aid kits on the top floor of the building. Additionally, designated staff of the College are able to respond to any emergencies. 


Facilities for Special Needs Students

The College is sensitive about issues relevant to  special needs students. In terms of students with physical disabilities,  the College is equipped with lifts and ramps at all entrances in order  for the disabled individuals to access the building. Additionally, the  College has special WC facilities on different floors which accommodate  the needs of disabled individuals.

In terms of students with learning difficulties, the  College maintains a special treatment for these individuals as it acknowledges the uniqueness of each special needs person. Specifically, faculty members are informed about each individual in order to accommodate their needs accordingly. Special accommodation includes flexibility on test administration (time/place) and extra tutorials in  cases they are needed and requested by the students. 



All students are required to have a personal  accidence Insurance that covers them for accidents both within as well  as outside the premises of the College. This type of insurance is  offered by the College to all of its students. Additionally, the College  has appointed a private doctor who is available when there is an  emergency. 


Financial Support for Students

Students may be eligible to receive the government grant  which ranges from €2500-€3400.  Besides that, the College is extremely  sensitive with financial support towards students. At the beginning of  every academic year, students can apply for full or partial scholarships  and tuition and fee discount. All applications are evaluated based on  each individual case. Additionally, the management of the College  financially supports its students through accommodative payment  installments. 


Student Affairs Office 

The Student Affairs office of the college covers a  range of services required by students in order to help them find their  way into college life.  Some of these services are: Counseling Services,  Student Activities (in cooperation with the student union), Career  Advice, Housing and International Student Assistance.

Counseling sessions are taking place with students  that might be facing any academic, social or emotional problems.  It is  important to state that all information is strictly confidential and  students are encouraged to visit the counselor when they are in a  difficult time. 

As noted above the Student Affairs office cooperates  with the college’s Student Union both in organizing events but also in  enhancing the communication between the staff of the Institution and the  students. Various types of student events are organized all year around  such as: welcome party, blood donation, bowling night, futsal days,  charity events, trips, night outs and many more. 


Learning Facilities

Being equipped with the latest technology and  continuously developing facilities is fundamental to P.A. College.  Our  IT services are essential enablers to the efficient operation of the  College and IT activity occurs across the College providing core technical services such as networking, e-mail, and software support as well as other  services such as database training.  Also, in 2012 P.A. College  introduced a new VLE, Canvas, which is the newest and most innovative  solution of its kind available to institutions.  This is available for  all students and staff to access. In addition, the College library’s  databases provide a wealth of information resources such as articles,  books, statistics, videos, and more.  The following labs and facilities  are also available for College students:

  • 2 Computer Labs
  • Conference Room
  • Training Room


International Programmes

P.A. College actively participates in the Erasmus +  Programme and holds the European University Charter since 2005.  It  maintains an Erasmus Office that provides information and guidance to:

  • Students that want to participate in the programme by study or work  placement mobility periods in partner Institutions or organizations.
  • Teachers that want to participate in teaching mobility of short duration in partner institutions.


Practical Information for Mobile Students

There are two types of mobile students participating  in the International Programmes of the College: Outgoing students and  Incoming students.  The International Office helps and supports both  types of students.

Information Days are organized twice every academic  year in order to inform outgoing Erasmus students about the application  procedures, the programme details/ information and to provide them with  the list of partner Institutions.  All students are encouraged to visit  the Erasmus Coordinator so as to get any further information or help  they require.

Incoming Erasmus students are closely assisted by the  Erasmus Coordinator in all areas.  Before the application completion  students are informed about the available courses for the forthcoming  semester. Also, students are provided with the relevant documents and  guidance about travelling, accommodation and life in Cyprus.  Upon  arrival, students from the student union meet the incoming Erasmus  students so as to help them settle down and overcome any problem that  might arise.


Language Courses

Before the commencement of every new academic year,  P.A. College organises a free four-week English Foundation course for  all new students.  This is an intensive course that provides a thorough  grounding in the necessary language skills for success in students’  future courses.  Two more courses, English Language I and English  Language II, are offered in the first year enabling students to develop  competency in the academic English language such as summarizing and  essay writing.  In the second year, Communication and Interpersonal  Skills is offered as a course that aims to enhance students’ skills in  English further, focusing on written communication and presentation  skills.  For further information on courses offered every semester  please consult the Information on Degree Programmes.  



Work experience is a crucial partner for the  recognised quality mark of a P.A. College degree, providing both  professional and personal development.  While many of our students gain  their own work experience – through volunteering, part-time work and  self-sourced placements – students may apply for an internship programme  at a local enterprise with the assistance of our Career Centre.

In addition, students may also apply for an Erasmus  Placement through the Erasmus Office to complete a period of one or two  semesters of internship at a partner university (holder of EUC) or an  enterprise in a European country.  The College also hosts students for  placements at the College Departments from other partner institutions.  

Furthermore, throughout the academic year, the  College organises a series of workshops and seminars that aim to enhance  students’ interview as well as CV and cover letter writing skills.  


Sports and Leisure Facilities

P.A. College provides a large modern cafeteria as  well as an adjacent games room for students’ leisure activities on the  college premises. During the academic year a range of sport and  recreational activities such as futsal matches, bowling nights, and  beach parties are also organised, through outsourced facilities, for  pleasure and fitness.  Many outdoor activities such as trips to the  mountains and other stimulating trips to the countryside (e.g. walks and  hikes) are available to all students.


Student Associations

Student clubs and societies offer students the  opportunity to participate in many social and cultural activities and  thus create a balance between their academic and social involvement as  well as develop their skills, abilities and talents.  At P.A. College  students are provided with the opportunity to join a Club or Society  such as the Futsal Club. Furthermore, throughout the academic year  charity activities are organised by the Student Union including fund  raising for families in need and visits to Homes for children.