Transfer Students

Non-International Students

Students who have interrupted their studies in other  recognised by the Ministry of Education and Culture institutions may be  accepted at the College as transfer students provided that:

  • They have passed the exams in the other institution;
  • They have achieved an overall average mark of 60% or higher;
  • The programme attended at the other institution and the programme at P.A. College are compatible;
  • The corresponding credit units recognised are decided after thorough examination of his/her transcripts;
  • References from the previous institution may be requested before the final decision is made;
  • In all cases, students admitted onto any of the P.A. College  programmes cannot transfer more than 50% of the credit units required  towards completing a particular programme.


International Students

Students who are in Cyprus on a student visa and wish  to transfer from one institution to another or from one academic  programme to another are required to secure the prior approval of the  Ministry of Education and the Migration Authorities.  All the details  and procedures are detemined by these authorities and may be subject to  review and change. 


Mature Students 

Mature individuals who have had a number of years in  the industry associated with relevant professional experience and  qualifications and who may decide to undertake further formal studies  may be admitted at the College after the College authorities consider  their original and subsequent qualifications and their experience. These  will affect the year onto which such students will be admitted and  which will not exceed the 50% of the requirements of the programme they  have applied for.