4th Annual Computing Day

The Business Computing Department at P.A. College successfully organised the 4th Annual Computing Day on Tuesday the 24th of April, 2018. The purpose of the Computing Day is to expand students’  knowledge and understanding regarding the multitude of application  areas to which the field of Computer Science contributes.

This  year’s Computing Day included an interdisciplinary workshop and  students had the opportunity to attend a seminar by an Erasmus+ visiting  lecturer. The main theme of the workshop was ‘Design Thinking’. The  central idea of the workshop was that ‘design is a way of thinking’ and  that design thinking can be applied to find innovative solutions to  business, commercial, social, environmental and other contemporary  problems. During the workshop students were informed about various  real-life projects on which design thinking has been successfully  applied to “integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of  technology, and the requirements for business success” (Tim Brown, CEO  of IDEO). Design thinking involves moving iteratively through the phases  of empathising with the users, defining the problem, ideating,  prototyping, and testing.