Professional Studies

The Professional Studies Department of P.A. College  is well-known for its high quality work and its consistent excellent  results.


PA College began operating the department of  Professional Studies since January 2008. The Professional Studies  department employs experienced and reputable lecturers which prepare  students for all external examinations of the Association of Chartered  Certified Accountants (ACCA).


Our Professional Studies department is now considered  one of the best educational institutions of accounting in Cyprus. The  hard work and professionalism offer the highest quality in education,  having in mind our students’ success.

After 10 years of experience and expertise in  preparing students for success in their exams, results demonstrate that  our objectives have been achieved. This is designated from the  increasing number of students as well as the trust accounting / audit  firms display towards our department for training their students.

Special thanks to our students for the  confidence they have shown so far. The department of Professional  Studies promises to surpass itself and become even better. This makes  its responsibilities towards all students and the wider community even  greater.