Welcoming Message

Dear Visitor/Reader, 

Thank you for your interest in P.A. College, our  fully accredited courses (Business Administration and Business Computing  degree programmes) with their outstanding professional exemptions, and  our award winning Professional Studies Department. 

The 2022-2023 academic year finds P.A. College  successfully into its fourth decade of operations firmly established on  the map of academic and professional excellence, with important  accomplishments in the fields of Accounting & Finance and Business  Computing. 

P.A. College is wholly committed to the encouragement  and the pursuit of academic excellence and lifelong learning, not only  for students but for working professionals and our society. A testament  to this is our growing alumni network, which in a large part includes  known and successful individuals from the wider professional community  of Cyprus. 

We wish to empower students from diverse backgrounds  to become highly productive and ethical members of the business society  and community at large, and in doing so to assist them in any possible  way to materialise their dreams. 

In these last few of years, Cyprus has witnessed  dramatic changes in the development of its economy, its people, and  rising unemployment within the young adult segment. There is absolutely  no doubt that the Cyprus of today is no longer what it used to be.  Higher education, hard work, ethical conduct, and an entrepreneurial  spirit are needed to succeed. 

I cannot stress enough though how important higher  education is, especially when combined with teaching specialisation, the  use of advanced information technology and real life business working  experience that is present in our degree programmes. 

Our principal courses, Business Administration and  Business Computing, each with its respective streams, are considered to  be state of the art offerings in their area. This leads to our students emerging as some of the best, most sought-after, and highly employable  graduates of their generation. 

P.A. College, has been the very first tertiary  education institution in Cyprus to be honoured with an important triple  recognition in the field of Accounting and Finance. The three top UK  professional accounting bodies, the Institute of Chartered Accountants  in England and Wales (ICAEW/ACA), the Association of Chartered Certified  Accountants (ACCA), and the Association of International Accountants  (AIA) have all granted P.A. College the absolute maximum of their  exemptions. 

This has been a very rewarding step for P.A. College,  since the College is once more affirmed as the premier accountancy  higher educational institution in Cyprus. This is also quite significant  for our students, since it provides the flexibility of choosing their  own pathway and which route to follow in attaining their premium  business qualification status; that of a Chartered Accountant, Certified Accountant, or International Accountant. 

Their education prepares them for leadership in the  future, as is to be expected from a premier Business School of our  stature. Case-in-point, the ‘School Graduates Route to ACA’, which is a  hybrid programme developed by P.A. College and KPMG Limited, Cyprus and  is endorsed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and  Wales (ICAEW). This accelerated route awards students with 12 exemptions  out of the 15 required towards the ACA, secures 200 days of Technical  Work Experience with KPMG Limited, and also provides them with the  opportunity to be eligible for a job offer at KPMG Limited, Cyprus. 

Dr. Andreas Z. Patsalides