Welcome to P.A. College

P.A. College is the distinct Executive Business School of Cyprus offering 12 ACA exemptions and the unique 'GRANT THORNTON ROUTE TO ACA', the unique ‘GRADUATES ROUTE TO ACA’, and the unique ‘SCHOOL GRADUATES ROUTE TO ACA’ programmes. The provision of exclusively business-related education has established P.A. College as the leading Higher Education Institution in the areas of Business Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Business Computing. The College’s curricula have been accredited by the Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (SEKAP) and the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (DI.P.A.E.), and are recognised by the Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KY.S.A.T.S.) since the onset of their establishment.