Graduation Ceremony 2015

P.A. College’s graduation ceremony was held on Friday, June 26th, 2015 at the Larnaca Municipal Theatre. The graduation ceremony always signifies the completion of a successful academic year. 


Distinguished guests of the event were the Minister of Education and Culture, Professor Costas Kadis, the Volunteer Commissioner, Mr. Yiannis Yiannaki, the Managing Partner of Grant Thornton (Cyprus) Ltd, Mr. Stavros Ioannou, the Services and Technical Manager of ICAEW, Mrs. Christiana Diola, the official representative of ACCA in Cyprus, Mrs. Varvara Lillika and the external examiner, Professor Duska Rosenberg. 


In his address to the graduates Professor Kadis emphasized that P.A. College is a distinguished prime executive Business School in Cyprus and acknowledged the high academic level of the College. He also congratulated the graduates and urged the administrative and academic staff to continue their quality work.


In his speech, Dr. Patsalidis mentioned the effort to be made by the Ministry of Education and Culture for the modernization of Higher Education in Cyprus and the harmonization with the Bologna framework and the European Higher Education Area.


He stressed that this effort can focus on creating a classification system for Higher Education Institutions and label the ones which meet the criteria of academic excellence as ‘University Colleges’. This action will aim to properly inform candidate students about the quality of education and level of the programmes offered.


In his address, Mr. Ioannou emphasized the high degree of employability and multiple employment opportunities enjoyed by graduates of the College. In addition, he stressed the excellent cooperation between Grant Thornton (Cyprus) Ltd and the first cohort of students of P.A. College participating in the programme 'Grant Thornton Route to ACA'. He stated that this group has been assigned important tasks in prestigious projects undertaken by the renowned auditing firm and that the degree of response and success is excellent.


In her speech, Mrs. Diola confirmed that the ICAEW is entirely satisfied both with its collaboration with P.A. College as well as the academic and work performance of the students participating in the 'Grant Thornton Route to ACA' programme. She wished the graduates every success in the competitive job market.


Moreover, Professor Duska Rosenberg was very pleased to confirm that as an experienced academic and external examiner at the Universities of Cambridge, London, Sheffield, Stanford, Sussex, Wiesbaden, and Zagreb, she noticed that the College’s standards are very high and compare well with the aforementioned Universities.


During the ceremony, graduating students received their degrees and special prizes were awarded to students who run first in their class or excelled in their subjects. Additionally, there was a presentation of the first elite group of students taking part in the programme 'Grant Thornton Route to ACA'.


Special thanks were given to all individuals and organisations who offered prizes.  After the end of the ceremony all guests were invited to a cocktail reception.