Certificate in Law

Programme Name

Law Certificate


Qualification Awarded

Certificate in Law


Level of Qualification

Certificate (One Tier)


Language of Instruction



Specific Admission Requirements

The College’s General Admission Requirements, as specified in Part I: Information on the Institution, apply to this Programme.


Course Structure Diagram with Credits

Semester 1
Course Id
ECTS Credits
ENG 101
English Language I


LAW 101
Criminal Law Ι


LAW 102
Law of Contract Ι


LAW 103
Public Law I


LAW 104
Legal System and Methods




Semester 2
Course Id
ECTS Credits
ENG 102
English Language ΙI


LAW 111       
Criminal Law ΙΙ          


LAW 112                    
Law of Contract ΙΙ      


LAW 105
Law of Tort


LAW 113
Public Law II





Specific Arrangements for Recognition of Prior Learning

General arrangements, as specified in the “Information on the  Institution” part of the ECTS Course Information Catalogue, apply here,  as well.


Qualification Requirements and Regulations

There is no National Qualifications Framework at the moment in  Cyprus; however, P.A. College implements the Qualifications Framework as  instituted by the Bologna process.  The total number of credits earned  is documented in the official transcript of the Institution and in the  Diploma Supplement.  Also, full implementation of the graduation  requirements is needed, as specified in the “Graduation Requirements”  section further below.


Profile of the Programme


The main educational aims and objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide to students a legal background required for further studies in the field.
  • To develop students’ intellectual abilities required to identify and  apply all legal sources of relevance for a specific legal issue and  give legal advice when necessary.


  • To enable the students to learn the legal terminology associated  with the various fields under consideration and become familiar with  their details at the certificate level.
  • To enable the students to formulate legal arguments in a way that is  comprehensible to legal experts and non-experts alike through use of  appropriate language.


Key Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the programme the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of principle features of the legal system  including general familiarity with its institutions and procedures.
  • Identify and comprehend legal issues.
  • Demonstrate critical awareness in the analysis of the legal order.
  • Identify debates and engage with these while accurately reporting the applicable law.
  • Analyse and discuss legal issues.
  • Conduct legal research for giving legal advice.


Access to Further Studies

On completion of the above programme, students will be considered for  entry onto the second year of the LLB (Hons) Degree programme offered  by British Universities.


Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Each module is assessed based on coursework (midterm exam,  assignment, class participation) and final exam with allocated weights  of 30:70 respectively.  The final year Dissertation project is an  exception where it is assessed in two parts, the written report and the  oral examination with allocated weights of 85:15.  In addition, midterm  and final exams are marked by lecturers anonymously in order to maximize  uniformity and standardization of grading.  The required, passing mark  for each module is 50%.  Also, a student must pass all required modules,  as well as the Dissertation in order to be awarded the Honours Degree  qualification. The grading scale used at PA College is as follows:






Very Good





Below 50%



Graduation Requirements

Students successfully completing the programme of study must have  achieved at least 50% in the coursework assessments and 50% in the final  examination in each of the subjects they take.

Failure or marginal failure in any of the modules is dealt with in accordance to the existing College Regulations:  

A failure in one element (coursework or examination) may be  compensated at the discretion of the Board of Examiners provided that  the average mark in the element is not less than 40%. Compensation may  be given in one subject only as long as the weighted average of the two  elements is not less than 50%.

In the case where the student has not achieved a passing grade (50%)  in any of the subjects or is not entitled to compensation, a resit  examination may be decided on by the Board. Normally, the Board may  allow a student to resit one subject and in exceptional cases, two.

The Certificate in Law is awarded only if the students:

  • achieve a pass status in all subjects specified by the structure of  the programme, within the limits specified by the Regulations (see  relevant page on Programme Structure). Students should pass all the  subjects either in the first examination sitting at the end of each  academic period or, if they are required to take a resit examination,  they should achieve at least 50% in the resit examination(s). In case of  a resit, the student is only entitled to the lowest pass grade. No  compensation can be exercised in case of a resit;
  • settle their account in full (tuition and fees, other costs/expenses incurred by the students).


80% and over
First Class Honours
Second Class Honours (Division I)
Second Class Honours (Division II)
Third Class Honours
Less than 50%



The Award of the Certificate

i.  The award of the Certificate in Law will require the satisfactory  completion of the elements specified in the respective structure of the  programme (i.e. 40 credit units/60 ECTS.)

ii.  The candidate will normally be expected to have reached at  minimum a pass standard of 50% in each of the elements of the programme.  The composition of the pass standard in each element will comprise an  aggregate of examinations and coursework marks.


Programme Coordinator

Ms. Antonia Theophanous

Email: a.theophanous@faculty.pacollege.ac.cy

Address: PA College

Corner of Faneromenis Ave. and Kalvou St.

P.O. Box 40763

6307 Larnaca, Cyprus