Strategic Collaboration #1: ‘Grant Thornton Route to ACA’:

The B.A. (Hons) degree in Business Administration (specialisation in Accounting and Finance), in collaboration with the ICAEW, is the only undergraduate programme in Cyprus which offers 12 exceptions out of the 15 papers required for the ACA qualification along with considerable technical work experience. This is achieved through the collaboration with Grant Thornton Ltd (Cyprus) and the ICAEW. The programme incorporates a 12-month internship programme at Grant Thornton (Cyprus) Ltd.


This hybrid programme aims at preparing undergraduate students for an outstanding professional career in the field of Accounting/Auditing. During the programme, the students receive excellent quality and up-to-date knowledge as well as experience, acquiring practical and theoretical skills in Accounting, Economics, Taxation and Auditing in Businesses automatically securing 12 exceptions out of the 15 papers for the ACA professional qualification of the ICAEW. Alongside their academic studies, students have the privilege to participate in a unique training programme at Grant Thornton (Cyprus) Ltd obtaining 190 days of technical work experience out of the 450 days required for the ACA professional qualification. The first graduates of the 'Grant Thornton Route to ACA' completed the programme in February 2016 and they have all already been employed in reputable auditing firms.


Mr. Stavros Ioannou, Managing Partner at Grant Thornton (Cyprus) Ltd said:

“This programme is designed to attract top quality students who aspire to become successful professionals.  Our strategic partnership with the ICAEW and P.A. College will ensure that these students experience our core values throughout their undergraduate experience but also through their approved training work experience with us. I look forward to welcoming the students at our offices and helping them grow through our high quality learning experience.”


Dr. Andreas Patsalides, Director of P.A. College said:

“This is a world distinction that positions P.A. College in an elite class together with a handful of leading universities in the UK. At P.A. College we have always been dedicated to the provision of exclusive quality University Education conforming to our vision of preparing exceptional business leaders.”


Mr. Shaun Robertson, Head of Qualifications at the ICAEW said:

“We are delighted to work with our Partner in Learning, P.A. College on this innovative programme. As partners, we are all focused on ensuring that the student obtains the highest standard of training, both academically and in the workplace; blending knowledge, skills and experience. We are looking forward to continuing working closely with P.A. College and Grant Thornton on this programme.”