Outgoing Student Mobility

All students that are interested in participating in the Erasmus Programme and claim Erasmus funding either for study mobility or work placement are requested to contact the Institution’s Erasmus Coordinator, Dr. Eleftheria Atta Ioannidou. 


Students applying for study mobility must complete the nomination form found below.  Before completing the form you are advised to consult the Erasmus Coordinator in order to have a look at the availability of modules at the partner Institutions. 


"Participants must be aware that they have to complete the Online Linguistic Support assessment before and after their mobility abroad.  This is mandatory for all participants except from those that will follow lectures in  their mother language.  Based on the assessment results, participants may be advised to take an online language course before and during their mobility, in order to improve their language competences.


For further information please have a look at the following link:




For further information and guidance please contact the Erasmus Office.


Nomination form - PDF