P.A. College was founded in 1983, and the Library first started its operation in the same year. The Library’s mission is to serve the needs of undergraduate students, academic and administrative staff regarding learning and informing. The College Library occupies the entire first floor of the College building, providing students with a significant number of textbooks, periodicals, journals, newspapers, as well as electronic access to a large number of information sources (including databases, Internet, etc.).


Aim of the Library

The aim of the Library is to provide services and resources that support the educational goals and purposes of the College. The Library is dedicated in providing quality services, resources, and the right learning environment for the students and faculty of the College.


The Library has two primary objectives:

  • Maintain a suitable collection of high quality resources that meet and exceed the educational needs of students as well as the professional needs of the faculty.
  • Provide excellent service standards that will encourage the appropriate learning environment that a Higher Education Library helps to facilitate.

In order to achieve the above objectives the Library has set a number of guidelines, which include:

  • Flexible Collection Development: The Library acquires books not only on subjects strictly related to the degrees offered by the College but also on topics of interest to both students and faculty.
  • User-Centered Services: The Library works in partnership with the faculty to teach information literacy that will provide opportunities for students and faculty to acquire and practise research skills.
  • Continuous Improvement: The Library, in order to keep up with the current quick pace of technology, continuously upgrades and invests its technological facilities and research tools.


Library’s Material

The Library’s material can be classified in the following categories:

  • The printed material that serves the above goals;
  • The Electronic Databases;
  • The audiovisual material, e.g. CD’s cassettes, videotapes, DVD’s.


Available Equipment

Apart from its textbook and periodicals material, the Library is equipped with a number of dedicated working-station endpoints that run a Library system used by the Librarians to control the Library operation and by the students for Internet access, as well as for exploring the contents of educational CD’s/DVD’s available at the Library.


Library Stock

The College’s continuous policy is to keep adding the latest editions of textbooks to the Library and to subscribe to as many relevant journals and periodicals as possible. In addition, research information available to both staff and students include the connection to Internet sources, as well as special subscriber databases.

The current stock of books, journals, periodicals and newspapers keeps growing year after year:

Books, Textbooks and Electronic Books (eBooks):

60.000 volumes of Business and I.T. textbooks are available either on the shelf or through access to the various electronic textbook libraries of the College.


Journals and Newspapers:

2.200 titles of Journals and Periodicals are available either on the shelf or through access to the various electronic libraries of the College. Furthermore, a process of continuous review of new editions is in place, so that the Library remains constantly up to date. The book stock covers all the subjects taught at the College. The numerous periodicals and journals are either subject related or of general reader interest.


Audio-Visual & Photocopying/Binding

A range of audio/video programmes are available to use in aiding the teaching-learning process. Photocopying and binding facilities are also available for a small subsidised fee.


Users' Capacity

The Library space for private study along with the additional space for study and student group work, available in the adjacent study room, can accommodate a total of 120 seated individuals. In this area students can study using either their own books or books from the Library.


Library Staff

The Library is staffed by Ms. Theodora Petrou, who is qualified in Library Management.



For the general security of the material, the equipment of the Library and the better service to the users, the following rules must be followed:

  • Transfers of objects in the Library that may damage the Library’s property or are suspicious e.g., for facilitating theft, according to the Library Manager’s opinion are not permitted.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking are also not permitted in the Library.
  • The users must obey the Library staff instructions.
  • In the event the rules are not followed, the manager of the Library has the right to ask violators to leave the Library.  


Opening hours

The Library is open for both faculty and students throughout the whole duration of the academic year, from Monday to Friday, during the following hours:       

08:00 to 10:00

10:30 to 13:00

13:30 to 17:00

* The operating hours of the Library can be changed if necessary, in consultation with the Library Department and the Head Librarian.