Research At P.A. College

Research and scholarly activity represent an important dimension of the work conducted at P.A. College. The academic staff at P.A. College is committed to enhancing their theoretical and empirical knowledge and skills through research projects focusing on societal, economic, environmental, business and educational implications. Research findings also provide an important contribution to all aspects of course development, curriculum structure, module content, teaching and learning.

The importance of research and staff development activities are fully recognised and promoted.  In this light, the College policy has focused on three main areas: the continuous improvement of the publication of the Cyprus International Journal of Management (CIJM) published by P.A. College; the promotion of learning activities contributing substantially to staff development and research; and the parallel contribution to the local community of Larnaca through the dissemination of empirical research on the regional economy. In this effort, the research department is actively participating in joint projects with the Larnaca Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Municipality of Larnaca under the Urban Sustainable Development (USUDS) programme.

Research activities of the faculty members include the participation in and presentation of their research outcome during international conferences, the publication of papers in international refereed journals, as well as the active participation in academic research projects, externally funded by the Research Promotion Foundation and/or European Framework Programmes.

Students are actively involved in research activities through the undertaking of research-focused projects as well as the completion of a dissertation project in the final year of their BA or BSc Honours Degree studies.