Important Facts

About P.A. College

  • P.A. College commenced operation in 1983, providing excellent educational services at the tertiary (higher) level of education.
  • 30 years of academic excellence and research innovation places our college at the forefront of the higher education sector in Cyprus.
  • P.A. College has a well-established quality assurance system of teaching and learning.
  • The collegiate system gives students and academics the benefits of belonging to a small albeit vivid and fruitful interdisciplinary academic community.
  • Our college brings together leading academics and students across subjects and year groups as well as from different cultures and countries.
  • The relatively small number of students in each class allows for close and supportive personal attention to be given to the induction, academic development and welfare of individual students.
  • Our college invests heavily in facilities including extensive library and IT provision, accommodation and welfare support, and sports and social facilities.
  • Almost 100% of P.A. College Graduates are employed virtually immediately after graduating.

P.A. College’s values

P.A. College’s core values remain relevant and undiminished: the values that have served us so well over the past thirty years and have always underpinned our success will help to pilot P.A. College through the challenging years ahead of us. These are:

  • Excellence: Excellence in research and teaching and learning is paramount. Everything else must be subsidiary to this value.
  • Ambition and drive: P.A. College’s future success is totally dependent on the ambition and drive of its Director, Management, Faculty and Students.
  • Community: There is a tight-knit community which staff and students can expect to be lively and welcoming but also challenging. All members of our community will be treated with dignity and respect; the health, well-being and safety of our staff and students are paramount.
  • Independence: The College is an independent entity which remains autonomous in its governance and subscribes to the principles of unrestricted rational inquiry.

Financial support for students

  • While many universities/colleges are offering either fee reductions or scholarships, P.A. College provides both.
  • Scholarships are awarded annually to full-time students on the basis of high performance in their high school leaving certificate and on the basis of need and socio-economic circumstances.
  • About 10% of all students receive scholarships.

International recognitions

  • P.A. College is the ONLY Higher Education Institution in Cyprus to be awarded 12 exemptions  out of the 15 papers required for the ACA professional qualification.
  • P.A. College is awarded 9 exemptions (maximum number awarded to a Higher Education Institution) out of the 14 papers required for the ACCA professional qualification.
  • P.A. College students are exempted from the 12 out of the 16 papers towards the AIA professional qualification.
  • P.A. College’s Marketing Management specialisation students are exempted from a number of the requirements towards the Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).
  • P.A. College has been granted the ‘Cisco Networking Academy’ status thus allowing the College’s to claim the CCENT, CCNA and CCNP professional certifications.

P.A. College research

  • College policy focuses on three main areas: continuous improvement, staff development and community contribution.
  • The research department is actively participating in joint projects with the Larnaca Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Municipality of Larnaca under the Urban Sustainable Development (USUDS) programme.
  • Research activities of the faculty members include the participation in and presentation during international conferences, the publication of papers in international refereed journals, as well as the active participation in academic research projects.
  • Students are actively involved in research activities through the undertaking of research focused projects as well as the completion of a dissertation project in the final year of their Degree studies.