“Best New Product 2016” Marketing competition at P.A. College

The annual “Best New Product” competition took place on Wednesday, December 14th in the lecture theatre of P.A. College.  The competition was part of the Marketing Principles’ class assignment which required the students to work in groups in order to select and target a consumer segment, identify its needs, wants or demands and develop an innovative product that would satisfy the target market’s needs.  In addition, they had to competitively promote their new product in the market. The groups were evaluated based on the effectiveness of their overall Marketing and presentation skills, as well as the innovativeness of their product.

The winning “Best New Product” of the 2016 competition was Sugar up and down, a special bandage for diabetics, able to detect high and low blood sugar levels and accordingly act intravenously to balance the blood sugar level. The members of the winning group, Stavros Philippou, Michalis Kyriakou, Theodosia Costa and Maria Elena Evangelou were awarded gold medals to award their innovative and collective work.