Best Academic Paper: Conference Award

Dr Andriani Piki, Dr Markos Markou (Assistant Professors at P.A. College) and Ms Anna Vasiliou (P.A. College graduate, 2016) have been awarded the ‘Best Academic Paper’ prize at this year’s Interactive Technologies and Games (iTAG2016) conference organised by Nottingham Trent University, UK. The paper is entitled ‘Learning Through Play: the Role of Learning and Engagement Theory in the Development of Educational Games for Intellectually Challenged Children’. The research study attempts to bridge the gap that exists between Learning and Engagement theory and systems analysis and design, through a multidisciplinary framework for guiding the development of new educational games aimed at intellectually challenged children. Based on this framework, a new web-based games platform is designed from the ground up which is supported through the data gathered from a real-life case study. The paper has been published in IEEE Xplore.