3rd Annual Computing Day

In a continuous attempt to widen students’ horizons on contemporary computing topics, the Business Computing Department successfully organised the 3rd Annual Computing Day on Tuesday the 25th of April, 2017. The purpose of the Computing Day is to instigate students’ excitement and expand their understanding regarding the multitude of application areas to which the field of Computer Science contributes.

This year’s Computing Day had an interdisciplinary character and featured presentations on a variety of research areas including: Ontologies and Big Data; Cryptography, Digital Signatures and Public Key Infrastructure; and applications of Artificial Intelligence and Hidden Markov Models for Pattern, Speech, and Handwriting Recognition.

In addition to the above specialised presentations, the agenda included an open discussion entitled: “Skills for succeeding during and after a Bachelor degree” presented by Ms. Anna Vasiliou – a P.A. College graduate (BSc Business Computing, 2016) and currently a Postgraduate student at the University of Kent, UK (MSc Networks and Security). Ms. Vasiliou was invited to discuss the skills and competences which have proven invaluable during and after her undergraduate studies, and share her experiences with current Business Computing students. The concluding message of Computing Day 2017 was that: “Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it” (Carmichael, 2014).