“Brain Games in Design” Workshop at P.A. College

On Tuesday, 28th February 2017, students studying towards the B.Sc. in Business Computing at P.A. College successfully completed a series of educational activities as part of the “Brain Games in Design” Workshop.

The educational workshop is organised annually in the context of a series of modules on ‘Human-Computer Interaction’ and aims to get learners actively engaged into both competitive and collaborative design-oriented activities. A dominant element of the “Brain Games in Design” Workshop is that it provides a milieu which successfully fuses the skills, knowledge and experiences Business Computing students have gained through fundamental Computing modules (such as Systems Analysis & Design and Human-Computer Interaction), while at the same time providing a space for reflection and critical thinking.

The workshop activities involve intellectually analysing, experiencing, reacting to, and reflecting on various aspects of design. The workshop takes a practical, hands-on educational approach in an attempt to challenge students’ preconceived ideas about design; trigger their imagination and creativity; bring their collaboration, communication, and negotiation skills to the foreground; and test their problem solving skills under tight time schedules. Hence, the workshop simulates real-life design-oriented and implementation challenges facing contemporary systems analysts, designers, developers and project leaders.


During the Worksop, a number of prizes were awarded to winning teams to praise their problem solving skills and collaborative efforts. To conclude the event, certificates were proudly presented to the following students (in order of appearance):

Ioannides Christos

Sidenko Darya

Ivanov Valeri

Constanti Christopher

Gregoriades Alexis

Panagi Dimitra

Lanot Delphine